Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jordyn can talk! AND eat!

This is my Jordyn just after her 2nd birthday. April 2008...I didn't know you could add video's to your blogs so I think this is a great start! This is a couple minutes long but its pretty funny, especially if you've ever been around a 2 year old! LOL!

Enjoy this oldie but goodie!


DonnaMundinger said...

Okay MOM, YOU'RE the Silly Willy! Poor Jordyn doesn't even get a chance to chew! LOL xxD

Sandy said...

you sound so like me on your videos...made me smile....so many moons ago...thank God for more babies in the family or i'd just keep having em...LOL....so precious Leah

Kelly said...

What a sweet video. Her laugh is infectious!