Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunshine Award

I want to thank my friends Barb and Sandi C. for thinking of me and giving me this award.

This award is to thank those that follow your blog.
I know time is short for those to sometimes post awards
so I would like to instead just list the names of those that consistently
visit my blog and leave comments....
Thank You Friends
for your support and your time
you all mean the world to me and brighten my day daily!

Sandi C.
Sandy W.
Sandy (Ukiah)
Jen Valentine
Jennifer (Bock)
Julie H

Please forgive me for being a bum and not posting everyone's links...
with that said, I think we all have them anyways!
LOL! nice little community we have here!
Sorry if I missed any names, I certainly appreciate all of you
and apologize if I missed anyone!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

(p.s. I am THRILLED that I am almost at 100 followers!)


Brenda said...

I am not sure if I am the right Brenda there is soooo many Brenda's....but if its me thank you!!!
Thank you girls for having me this past week as you GD I reallly loved doing that sketch...I also fell in love with her other sketches....they are sooo "me"!!

DonnaMundinger said...

Thanks so much, Sweetikins! You always bring sunshine to my day! Love you! xxD

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Thank you Leah... that was so sweet of you to think of me. hugs

Sandi Clarkson said...

Leah, you are such a sweetie! What did I ever do without you?

Sandy said...

Miss Leah...what a sweet way to share the sunshine...very creative of you dear...thanx so much for the sweetness!

CraftyGirl said...

Leah.. you are such a little ray of sunshine for all of us who get the priviledge of following your blog... you totally crack me up with your fun little comments and light hearted spirit! Thanks for brightening my day so often!!
Barb :)

CraftyGirl said...

Leah... I am lovin' that Easter story!! Crack me up!! I KNOW you must have gotten a picture... you will have to post it!! As for Cody... I think your basket may have to be a little bigger... after all, he is getting to be a big boy already!! :)
I have a little Easter story of my own... my youngest daughter was born April 3... so that Easter (days before I had her)I was sooooooooooooooo enormous and soo ready to deliver. I tried my best to get dressed up for Easter morning church when my son (who was 9 at the time...) looked at me and said, "Mom, you look like an Easter egg!!" I really wanted to kick him at that moment but I was able to keep my hormones in check... besides, I probably couldn't have lifted my leg that high even if I wanted!! :) The best part is the fact that my family feels the need to relive that comment every single Easter since!! LOL!! Gotta love the holidays!
Barb :)

Nanne said...

Your are such a sweety for thinking of so many to share this little ray of sunshine with..

The6ofusinca said...

Thank you Leah for thinking of me. I love this layout and think its now one of my all time favs of yours..... that will change with the next layout you do though!
kisses and hugs sista!