Friday, February 19, 2010

The World of Cars ~SOUS February 19~

The World of Cars

a Liz Qualman original sketch


We contacted Liz and she was gracious enough to design an original sketch just for Stuck on U Sketches! How totally incredible is that! She really out did herself with this one!

I hope that I did her justice!

I have had these photos for years now but nothing ever seemed right for them. I bought the Cars cart off a friend of mine and finally cracked it open just for this!

You know how I just have to share the story behind the son Scotti has pretty much not gone without a Disney Car in his hand since his 2nd birthday. So for Christmas we bought a case of Cars off the internet and displayed them on a board wrapped with paper. There was one large sheet of wrapping paper covering it and when he pulled it off there was 25+ cars! It was quite a site!

The world of Cars, trophy, traffic cone, Guido and the road are all cuts from the Cars cart.

Man oh man, these cars are so hard to cut that I am afraid to even try a more difficult car. I ended up cutting this in white. Only the tires and top blue layers were cut with the cricut. All the other 'pieces' were colored with pen or colored pencil, then inked.

All the paper is from DCWV's Retro Stack. I would say this is my all time favorite! I just LOVE it! This photo also shows the paper border punches I used, a ticket and binder paper punch. Also the 'wheels' are a Martha punch. 'Boys will be boys' and 'Limitless' were cut from the paper stack.

Last photo is a close up to show Scotti and his big Christmas present! Vroom Vroom!

Thanks again Liz for this wonderful sketch!


Kelly said...

Awesome layout Leah! Love the pictures and the story behind them..your little boy is growing fast! Enjoy your weekend!

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Love the layout Leah! So much detail with all the cuts. Fab story behind the layout, I can imagine Scotti receiving all these cars. Brandon my eldest son was just the same with Thomas the Tank Engine.

Kaye x

Beatriz Farquhar Guzman said...

What a great page! Love the pictures of your baby and also everything you did. The colors are great!!!!!! Another winner!

Sandy said...

Okeee dokey artichokey!!!! this is amazing...your cuts are fabulous...all that layering and Scottie looks like he is in heaven....I love the photo of all the cars lined up...what a precious boys used to line up their cars or dinosaurs all the way from the kitchen to the playroom...and it was a long hallway...thanx for sharing this with me Leah...your layouts always bring back such precious memories to me....this is priceless!

CraftyGirl said...

Leah... wow girl! This is fabulous!! And might I go ahead and add that your little guy is soooo precious! I love the age where the little things make them so happy!! (You better just hope his love of cars chills out a bit before he starts driving... he may be pretty expensive!! LOL!!) Anyway... Love, love, love the way you did the road around the pictures as your circle... and the layering and coloring and chalking of all the embellishments is simply sensational!! Another fabulous LO GF!!
Barb :)

Margie said...

OMG, Leah! Domenic is SO, SO into his cars these days! He must have received 200+ for Christmas and he is still in car heaven! I LOVE that photo of Scotti laying in the circle of cars. All of your cuts and embellies are just so perfect! Dig how the track border matches the circle of cars! Great layout girl!

AmandaB said...

Oh Leah, your son's page turned out absolutely adorable... I just love all the embellishments and the inking you used.. Your pages are always so fabulous..

Amanda :0)

Brenda said...

awwww he looks sooo happy! What an awesome layout...I know what you mean about all those layers on that cart!

DonnaMundinger said...

FABULOUS Leah! WooHoo, you christened the Cars cart...finally! I don't blame you, though, those cuts look like a bear. This is so cute. What, no pix of them CRASHING? LOL


Stine said...

Love it Leah! love all the Cars cuts. have been wanting that cart mostly because I have four nephews who love them, but think i will wait to see if peter gets addicted... LOL.

Thanks for lovely comment on my blog by the way. Cannot believe how fast they grow. Peter will be 6 months this sunday, and he is moving around likea pro and trying to get up on his knees. Hope to hear about Cody's first tooth soon :)

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Leah this is a fabulous LO, look at the detail, all the cuts and all the little pieces that you put together. Those cars,WOW. Incredible! Looks like you had a lot of fun with this too. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Leah, this is so awesome, you did a beautiful job with this layout, I can see all the love that went into it. hugs

Sandi Clarkson said...

Leah, this is fabulouso! Love the car embellies and those pix of Scotti .. or so adorable! I may have to take another look at that paper stack cause I'm lvoing all this! I know you wanted this one to be special and IT IS!!

Nanne said...

Well, lets just say " for someone that complained about having a hard time on this layout (putting the cuts together), sure rocked the hell out of it!".. Being a mom of two boys that LOVED cars and owned every hot wheel known to man, I can tell you this layout is not just cool, its KEWL!...LOL
oh! by the way, Those little metal cars feel really good when their stepped on in the middle of the in the dark, while you try to comfort your crying little one...ROFL!! :OD

Debbie said...

This is such a fun layout! Love all the details. Your pictures are fantastic. Love the one of your son surrounded by the cars!

Tammara said...

What a super fun layout! The photo's are so cute! I remember waking up on saturday mornings to the sound of my son making all his "car noises".

The6ofusinca said...

What a great lo Leah! I remember you talking about this and man, it turned out awesome! Love the whole design of it sweetie pie! I would HighFive you if I was near you, so for now I'm just blowin kisses your way!
Kiss Scotty for me! He cracks me up!!!


CraftyGirl said...

Hey Leah! Just checking in to say hi and to let you know I left a cute little award for you over on my blog!! Come by and pick it up!
Barb :)