Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Card Set and Wine Tags

Ok, here's the deal...the photo is crooked and after taking these photos, well 4 times for various reasons, its staying crooked! LOL!

Aren't I full of wonderful mishaps lately!

This month my son's school is having their largest fundraiser and each class is expected to put together a basket for auction. Both my husband and I agreed that we have done a ton of spending already and were not going to give this time. But I started to feel guilty and thought up something that would cost time, not money. I happened to have this wonderful stamp and thought it perfect for the occasion! The gift basket theme is "experience Livermore". We have a ton to offer in our town and we were voted a top city in the whole U.S.!

Marque was a clear stamp, stamped twice in 2 colors and hand cut. Wine basket stamp from Hampton Arts (colored with Prisma pencils). Distressed Stripes CB folder used to add texture to card base.

A bit of doodling, brads, eyelets, twine and other fiber.

I think this will be a nice addition to our class auction basket! Happy Hump Day! And I'll see you with my friday post!


Kelly said...

Leah, you are just too sound like me when my kids were in school ( a zillion years ago...but yes I do remember how the schools would nickel and dime you to death)Great project, and I'm sure it will be appreciated!

Sandy said... are a hoot...yes, public education sure does seem to depend on lots of deep pockets from parents....LOL...I hate school fundraisers and the way they depend on the kids to be a sales force for them....oops, did I say that out loud...these are supurb...and yes, I would have felt quitly and come up with something too...the are lucky to have such a creative chickie!

Sandi Clarkson said...

Leah, great idea for making a contribution! This is very cute and I bet you get asked to do it again next year!

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh these turned out so CUTE Leah! You did that stamp so perfectly it looks like a sticker. Great find! Can I borrow it? :D


CraftyGirl said...

Leah... this is a fabulous idea!!!! Those tags are darling and I love the twine!! Super cool!! I may have to borrow this idea.. we have something similiar coming up at my daughters school later this month!! :) And really.... no one even noticed the sideways photo.... LOL!!!
Barb :)

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful contribution to the basket! It looks wonderful!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Oh fundraiser for school... boy did that bring back memories!!! Glad that is over! This is really nice and some lucky couple will place a high bid for sure!

magicwanda said...

Ok Leah thanks now I have a KINK in my neck from having to look at it side ways....LOL
I think it turned out great , you always do a fantastic job on everything you do!
Hugs Wanda:-)

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Leah you did a fantastic job, fundraisers are always hard. The school will appreciate this so much, especially as they can see the hours that have gone into it not just money.

Kaye x

Joy said...

You are SO funny!!! Great fundraiser set...Im sure it will raise a ton of money!! I love the new pictures of the children....they are just adorable !!!
xoxo Joy
( thanks for the prayers !!!! )