Monday, March 8, 2010

Do you love me? ~ The Cuttlebug Spot~

Do you love me?

This week The Spot is going vintage! Anything vintage goes! I searched online and found lots of interesting things but nothing that really caught my attention and then it hit me that I had a bunch of letters that my Mom had sent my Dad (well before they were Mom and Dad!)

I looked through the cards and found one that I loved and felt a connection with. Yellow is one of my favorite colors and I just loved this sweet little couple!

Now before I got started putting this page together I had to borrow photos from my Mom's house. You know the picture booths at fairs and boardwalks? Well one of these photo strips is on the frig at my parents house and I got my hands on it and used it for this LO. I didn't have permission to use these directly in my LO so I had to scan and print them (with my totally crumby printer) so these are not that best quality and are printed on regular cardstock, but I do like the vintage feel to them, so it worked out just fine!

The photos are from 1973 when my Mom was 23 and my Dad, 28. Fast forward to the photo of my parents on my Mom's 50th birthday in 2000 (yes Mommy, that means the big 60 this year!)

This wonderful card is from 1970 (letter written in '73). I really wanted to preserve the card so it is held onto cardstock with photo corners so that it can be taken off and looked at (and to reveal my Mom's beautiful handwriting, the same handwriting she has today!)

The printed paper is K&Co and then solid black cardstock. My retro VW bus (my dream car in high school) and tv are from Cosmo Cricket, black chipboard stacks. Regular chipboard flourishes were distressed with a sanding block and are from a value set from WM.

All flowers are from Prima.

These were CBed with a few different folders. I sprayed these with Pearl Ex and they are totally gorgeous IRL! You can kinda make out the shine here.
A piece of advice, after you put flowers into the CB machine, they are going to be squashed! So I pulled each petal over the edge of my bone folder and it helped bring some shape back.

I have played quite a bit with different inking techniques with the CB folders but just figured out something I have never seen before!

It hit me to use the embossing folders as 'stamps'! I inked the raised side of the folder, laid it onto my paper and rubbed gently across the surface. Having messed around with this I found that this works best with full designed folders (like the paisley one I used). I did also use the floral fantasy in yellow but most of that got covered up.

I hope that some of you try this's a whole new set of possibilities!

Well my goodness...that was certainly was a mouthful! LOL! Thank you for the opportunity to share and I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!


DonnaMundinger said...

Adorable layout Leah but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the 70's being vintage. LOL You youngsters! Anyway, way cool idea using the CB folders as stamps. LOVE it! I can always count on you to come up with something unique! xxD

Anonymous said...

Love this, Leah, although you're killing me with the 70's "vintage"! Am I really that old? Yikes! What a neat way to use those embossing folders... I'll have to try that! Dig the black chipboard embellies and those embossed flowers look terrific!

CraftyGirl said...

Leah.. how precious that you have the letters your parents wrote to each other... what a treasure! It is so great that you were able to scrap it with such magnificent pictures so someday your kids, and their kids, will enjoy this story of grandma and grandpa!! Your parents are just darling btw!! I love the idea of inking the folders to use as stamps! You are just brilliant!! Have a fabulous Monday!
Barb :)

Kelly said...

OMG Leah, this is a great layout and how it brings back memories...not all of us were born in the 70's and 80'!

Beatriz Farquhar Guzman said...

Leah.... first of all, CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you... I know you will do amazing. This is so precious! I love how you preserve their memories and the colors are so 70's. You rock!!!!!

Sandi Clarkson said...

Leah, I adore this .. fantastic flower. And I so love those photos!

Tammara said...

Love the 70's theme and the pictures are too cute!

Cindy said...

Very cute! The photos just make you want to smile. I have a little something for you over on my blog. Just a little thank you for sharing your creativity with everyone.

Have a great day.

MC said...

Your LO are so great. I look forward to following your blog.

I hope you will stop by mine as well at