Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Dawling Little Rattle ~SOUS April 16~

My Dawling Little Rattle

Our sketch this week is by Aymee Gandy, aka Souternbelle Scrapper. You can find her wonderful work, sketches and more HERE!

Now with that said...my layout looks nothing like the sketch! LOL! I usually try and stick to them a bit better then this but I just HAD to use all the photos..what could I do, they are too cute!

I have had this title idea for awhile. Jordyn pronounces darling, dawling and calls him a rattle. Okay now that took me some time to figure out...oh, oh, she's calling him a raskle! LOL! Cute part is that she calls him this all the time! Her nickname for him!

I have got to say that I do think this page is a wee well, a wee over done! LOL! After I added the flowers in I realized I went to far but there was no turning back! hehe!

Paper is from DCWV Nana's Kids.

At some point you would think I would recongnize what fonts I am using, but nope! Can't remember! LOL! I did however glitter the heck out of these with Stickles! ;o)

Had to show you guys a close up of my 2 finger/thumb suckers! Most nights when I put Jordyn to bed she likes to hold her little brother. This nightly ritual is becoming less and less because Cody won't stay still that long anymore.

Not sure if you guys know her, her name is Nanne Harry? Anyways wonderfully smart crafter she is...so anyways she has made these guys and has given them "hands". Well I just knew I needed to try this and I have got to say that they make them sooo much sweeter!

I added both black and white doodling. Prima flowers and Stickled brads. Googley eyes and some dollar ribbon from J's. And then, finally after alllll that's going on...I called it done! LOL! I don't think this would have been so bad if I didn't have the circle background paper AND the letter squares down the side oh, AND all the characters and flowers...whatever! it was fun to do! I hope you like it (or just lie and say you do! LMBO!)

I almost forgot to add....Happy 10 months to my little Cody! Or Cokie or Code Man Dude!


DonnaMundinger said...

Crap! I just wrote a book about this and then lost it! Well, let's start over. This is adorable Leah, and even more so after the translation. Won't it be fun to look back on when she's older? You know I don't think it's overdone one bit! "More is More", I always say. Adding paw to those critters improves them 1000% and I love how you journaled and doodles in the circles of the background paper. Love it! Smoochies! D (BTW, the x's are kisses and the o's are hugs! LOL) xxD

Kelly said...

Where was I when you posted this...I don't remember seeing it and I'm certain I've stopped by since Tuesday...anyway, it's adorable. I love the little bunny, the dog and the chick...they are all too cute and of course the pictures of your babies are too precious!

Fern said...

This is down right adorable!!!!! And Leah, I don't think you over did it at all!! Your photos are priceless and sooo sweet!!! XXXXX

Audrey Frelx said...

Leah, this is adorable!!! Too "dawling"!

Sandi Clarkson said...

Leah, this is just so darn cute and not overdone at all IMHO .. of course, you know I love flowers. What fab photos of the kids .. nothing better than squeaky clean kiddos in jammies and ready for bed. I have to rhyme with Jordyn.. this is dawling!

Scossie Jane said...

Adorable layout Leah - love the faux stitching on the little critters - too cute. The babies are gorgeous - what treasured memories for the future....

Hugs xx

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Leah this is just adorable and not over done at all. Don't you just love kids and the things they say (in their own little way). So very cute and the colours are perfect.Love the added paws to the cat and dog, adds so much more life to them. Way to go Leah!

Kaye x

Debbie said...

Too cute Leah! I always look forward to seeing pictures of your adorable kids! Love the title! Love the dog and rabbit on the bottom! Great colors!

CraftyGirl said...

Hey GF!!! How ya' been?!! I so missed visiting and checking out everything you have been up to!! Have to say... your rough rider LO is AMAZING!! It looked like you had so much fun creating that one!! And these pictures on your babies are just adorable!! None of my kids were thumb suckers, which I guess is good since I never had to break that habit with them, but I never got these adorable photos of them either!! And your title is just the icing on the cake of this cutie LO!! I love little kid talk! It's great that you are journaling it now... If you don't, 10 years from now you will sit there and say... what was that cute little thing Jordyn used to say?!! I know I do that with my older kids!
Congrats on the big 100!! That is awesome! It just goes to show what amazing talent you have! And to get crowned as a queen crafter too?! You rock!!
And finally... thanks for suggesting that author... I read The Locket in like 2 days.. it was a great book and an easy read... perfect for laying by the pool!!
Barb :)

Beatriz Farquhar Guzman said...

This is sooo cute! Love all the details and the title is perfect! That apple is also adorable even though she "still" scares me.... Your kids are all so beautiful! great pictures. Happy Monday!