Friday, April 9, 2010

Rough Rider ~SOUS April 9~

Rough Rider

This week at Stuck on U Sketches we have something a little new to try! Instead of a sketch we will be trying challenges every second week of the month! Should be fun and something new to do, mixing it up! Personally I am excited about it, to get a break from sketches and to try and play with new ideas! Sounds good to me!

So this weeks challenge~ the most unusual item!

Man oh man was this sooooooo much fun to put together! I can honestly say that I will be doing something like this again!

The photo is of Scotti on a cold and foggy morning last December riding to school! Looks pretty cool in all his gear!

Ok and for fun, here is my list of unusual items!

-the inspiration for this enitre LO, the blue plastic fruit netting from the grocery store

-screws for stamping

-6 pack of soda plastic rings for stamping

-aluminum foil

-shoe laces

-and a shoe!?!

I found a great font on the computer for my wording which was good because I wasn't really sure what to do for that part. Thought it ended up being just right for the page!

Here you can also see my layered circles, all the 'stamping' I did inspired these shapes to be repeated. Star and Eyes paper are from DCWV printed paper stack Fall (I think from 2008?). The other embossed circle is Grungeboard. These were inked with silver and black.

I had this random shoe lace and finally put it to use! Glad I had saved it because it fit perfectly into this page! I had already adhered it onto the page before I did my title, when I put it together I saw that the L fit right into the end of the shoe lace, funny huh! Title was inked with sliver and black with random holes punched.

This photo shows the inspiration for the whole page! I had saved this plastic netting off the fruit I bought at a local Trader Joes, I had blue and red. Well when looking for photos I came across this one of Scotti and saw the blue's went great together!

In the bottom right corner of this photo you can see where I also used the netting to add a print. I laid the netting down on random parts of the black paper and used a white ink pad and stamped onto the paper.

My embossed alien robot guy was a left over from a different project but he fit right in here too! (I had a lot of fun kind of going through my stash and seeing what could go in here!)

Here is a lot of the fun in this page! I used the back of screws to stamp with acrylic paint. As well as the plastic piece that holds together a 6 pack of soda, thats the large thin white circles.

It may be hard to tell but you can just make out on the right of the photo where I rolled a screw around and got a cool design.

Last thing to see here is where I splattered some blue acrylic paint, now that was fun!

I am claiming myself queen of the wonderful mistake! LOL! I punched a hole and put a brad in the spot but decided it wasn't right there...but I ended up with a hole. So I decided to start punching a few more holes here and there and totally thought it turned out awesome! Especially after laying it over the foil which showed mistake huh!

I used some glitter acrylic pieces as photo corners. Here is a close up of my layered circles as well as a shot of the embossed aluminum foil that I ran through my Cuttlebug. Oh and a few white stars I doodled around the page.

Last but not least is that shoe that I mentioned...okay so I didn't exactly put a shoe on here, I mean, come on now! LOL! But I did grab my son's shoe! Inked the bottom and then "stepped" on the photo! Word of advice if you want to try this..make sure you're using a stay proof ink like Staz On, sadly, I don't have any and even if I did, I didn't think about this will eventually smear...nice try though!

Wow, really could I say anything else about this LO? LOL! I think that's it! If you haven't already played along with us at Stuck on U because maybe sketches are not your thing, well maybe these challenges will fit you better! I'd love to see what your unusual thing may be!


Kelly said...

OMG how creative...who would have thunk?!? Great layout, what a great mix of texture!

Beatriz Farquhar Guzman said...

This is amazing!!!!!! You are the queen of creativity... how clever you are! I love all the details and everything you did with them. Love it all! Happy Friday!

Brenda said...

OMGOSH LEAH!!!!Awesome job!!! very creative of you and lovin' the result! Awesome ya got me re thinkin' the stuff I throw out!!!

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh how fun is this, Leah! Love the monochormatic color scheme and all the fun bits and bobs you added. Wondering if your carpeting has ink prints. LOL Spectacular layout! xxD

Sandi Clarkson said...

Leah, you went above and beyond the call of duty on this one! Talk about using up the unuusal .. you sure did. Amazing layout! And what a cutie pie pic of Scotti!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Leah this is a wonderful page, I can't get over all the detail! Love the netting on the page and that robot is just too cute. Love the colors this is just a cool page, so out of the ordinary! FUN!

magicwanda said...

Oh Leah
What a cool layout....
I don't know how in the world you came up with all of these things, and put them all on the lo ...but it really worked! WOW
I love this very very creative....
Big Hugs Wanda:-D

Sandy said...

Well leah this is just fantastic...i have to say with a smile that I have been saving my mesh bags from my oranges...LOL....I knew they had a home on a layout of the future...and you have inspired me to dig them out and use them...they are perfect for a little boy page...I really love all you inovative techniques here....using the screws and shoe for stamps....just genius my friend...and Scotti looks so cute in this photo....wonderfully creative it!

Debbie said...

Great detail Leah! A true "boy" page. I find them so hard to do, but you have captured it perfectly. Way to go - plastic blue netting!

Fern said...

OMWord Leah!!! This is just amazing and sooo creative!!! I still can't get over all of the fun and unusual things you did to this fabulous layout!!! And what a great photo of your son!!! You are da "Queen" gf!!!!!! XXXX

Anonymous said...

OMG, Leah! That is the coolest thing ever! Very clever uses of those items and I LOVE the colors!!!

Star Rork said...

Awesome layout!