Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We had a little scare....

Not exactly what I thought I'd be posting...but we just got home from the hospital. We were admitted last night for observation for Cody. The first picture is still when he wasn't feeling good in the ER. That little sad face is something, isn't it!

Cody had a spill the night before off of a single step onto a flat wooden patio. He barely cried and had no other symptoms that night nor the following morning and because it was such a small step we didn't think much of it. He did have a little scrap on his forehead but that was it.

So anyways the next morning he was totally normal until breakfast time. He wouldn't eat and then went to sleep for a super early nap around 9am. Well long story short I was not able to get him to wake up all day. He slept and slept and the coule times he was "awake", he didn't even have his eyes totally open, he wouldn't respond to we ended up in the ER.

He had a CT scan and that was clear so the ER doctor was going to let us go home! I pretty much was like, what the heck I can't get my baby to stay awake at all and I can just take him home! Luckily the pediatric doctor admitted him.

I am making this a longer story then I planned...sorry. Cody put up so much of a fight getting his IV put in and his blood drawn that he was known by all the other attending nurses! That little 17 pounder sure can put up a fight! LOL!

So after ruling out a possible case of digestion of some kind of medication he was diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome. Luckily he is good today and we are home, I just obviously need to keep an eye on him. And hopefully get a nap because I only slept between 4 and 6 am. SO much goes on when your in the hospital! Kinda scary that all that can happen because of a little bump on the head!

Here is a much happier boy this morning hanging out in his jail house crib! He was pretty cute this morning with his hospital outfit and big old IV get-up on his arm, so we have more pictures but thats I had to download now.

I am sure he'll be okay but any prayers would be much appreciated!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bounce ~Generations Crafting~

A while back I posted a huge project for Generations Crafting using the line Paradise by Bo Bunny (in case you missed it, you can find it here.)
I had more paper left and decided to do some more of our family vacations. Last week I posted some projects using Imaginisce new line Splash Dance. Our family takes so many beach trips that I seem to have a never ending supply of those photos!
This trip was one of our first in our brand new camper, July 2007. Scotti was just about to turn 3 and my daughter was 16 months. Such a fun time having both my kids babies! Kind of like having twins! LOL!

I used Mickey Font for my letters and did lots of writing and some doodling in a white gel pen. I also used some random supplies, fiber, gummies and paperclips.

I used a couple circle punches to punch the circle designs from Paradise Surf. I also fussy cut a corner portion of the paper to use on top of Paradise.

Oh man, I am afraid this is rather blurry. I took these pictures in a time crunch so I apologize for that. I punched the center circles and popped them from the back. I did 2 layers of Doodlebug Sugar Coating glitter (the bright orange and brown). Bummed you can't see it well enough in this photo.

Oh and I can't believe it taken me so long to mention this..but it being monday just reminded me. I don't know if you all have noticed or not but I have not been posting projects for The Cuttlebug Spot. Well I sadly stepped down from my DT spot there. I was so sad to do so but with my baby growing up and being totally mobile, I find myself a bit short on time. I really hope at some point to be able to rejoin them there!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Family is a Shore Thing ~SOUS June 25~

Our Family is a Shore Thing

Did you all miss a LO from me last week? With just having arrived home from a weeks vacation I knew getting a project done was highly unlikely so I stepped out for the week! But I am back, please take a moment (as if you haven't already! hehe!) to take a look at what my other friends did at Stuck on U!

So our double page sketch this week comes from Becky Fleck at Pagemaps.

Again, this darling paper line comes from Generations Crafting. Imaginisce Splash Dance. Ain't it just to cutest! There are some stripes and dots so this doesn't have to be so themed but the themed prints are pretty hard to pass up!

I decided I needed to add some more photos so I filled most of page 2 with those. I was about 6 months pregnant with Cody and we had gone a long walk with the kids on their no pedal bikes. We stopped off at my families favorite mexican spot, 3 Amigo's. We often stay right by town at a state beach in Half Moon Bay. You have seen and will see many, many photos from this beach. We are camping there this coming August for Scotti's 6th birthday.

Wow go me! I just realized that I have similar prints to the sketch..the striped and dot paper! LOL! I didn't notice that until just now! how funny!

I did some journaling about the date, being pregnant and the children's ages around the outside.

I used some vellum letter stickers. I was pretty happy with how this turned out. It did really need to be outlined with I did with a pink pen. I also added just a touch of Stickles to the dots over the letters.

I highlighted some of the cute ocean critters by punching them and popping them...

Some random chipboard I have....that made a great subtitle.

I thought with the shapes of the chipboard above that I needed another shape in this corner so I covered this piece with the pp and added it over my fishy circles.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beachy LO's ~Generations Crafting~

Beach Boardwalk

Let me just start by saying I was so excited to use this line of papers! Oh my gosh! I think these were the sweetest ever and the gloss accents on the papers just made them that much better!

You can find Imaginisce Splash Dance HERE at Generations Crafting.

I used Lifes a Beach for my title, welded in DS. And a few acrylic, glitter accents. I also had the chance to use the new I Rock tool by Imaginisce. It is a small, light weight tool that sets bling onto whatever project you may be doing. What I like about it (well one, its pretty cheap and if you don't know me by now...I like cheap) is that you can buy compacts with a TON of gems and a ton of sizes available per compact. I just think thats pretty cool!

Ok I am also posting today in hopes on not missing any challenges that I am trying to include with these. Here are some:

Pile it On~ I have to start here because without these fine ladies and the challenges that they part take in, well I'd never know where to start! LOL! This week, Stickers! Most of my titling was done with sticker alphabets.
Papertake Weekly~ ice cream colors...both LO's really do remind me of sherbets!
ABC Challenge Blog~ Xtra dimension. For this LO I popped the entire stripe at the bottom, as well as my clear accents. I love how that made it look in person! (my second page is rather flat, which may be one reason it didn't quite work out for me)
Charisma~ Bling, easy with my new IRock tool!!!
If the Shoe Fits~ Circles, Bling and Paint. I guess most of this you can see for yourself, except the use of a paint pen for some writing.
The second LO was inspired by Sketches In Thyme but I missed that by a day (dang!)

Ok I think I will call the sketches quite, I am sure I missed something that I wanted this included in (I'll just beat myself up for that later! LOL!)

This LO is a trip to the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. I love it there and so do the kids! I ADORE these photos of them!!!

So I put this together and it just didn't turn out like I would have liked. I know its the upper tag and its placement, as the fact that I don't have any dimension. But anyways...this was a first family trip. Jordyn turned 4 months old and Scotti was just about to turn 2. We were in San Louis Obispo at a conference for my husband work. He is no longer in the position but was an arson investigator at the time.

This was my first time with many of these challenge blogs, thank you for having me! I have really enjoyed the blog hop!
And thank you to Generations Crafting for the opporunity to showcase you're amazing products!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy 60th Mommy!

I wouldn't be surprised if there comes a day when I don't really think everyone needs to know the age I just turned...but hey! not yet! LOL! I wanted to share the invites I did more then a month ago for my Mom's 60th SURPRISE Birthday party that was this past saturday and some pictures from the party.

My entire family was sick so my husband took the older kids home early. I knew I would want more photos but just didn't feel like taking many. Of course I have no photos now of me looking good in my cute outfit! argh! and the one photo I am going to post, I have to be silly instead of just being normal! why, oh why do I do that when I camera is near? I guess camera's bring out my true (really dorky) personality! LOL!

So onto the invitation! I used Kraft cardstock from Papertrey Ink (the nicest, thickest quality cardstock I have ever used!) I stamped using my Polka Dot stamp set, also from Papertrey Ink with Versamark ink over the base of the card. I hand cut and layered (and layered and layered) blue cardstock together to make my waves. My whale image was hand drawn. I then scanned it into my computer and made and colored with watercolor pencils, lots of extra's!!!

It took some time to hand write this sentiment but nothing I came up with was exactly what I wanted so I went ahead and did it myself! I added some fun teeny tiny fish stamps that came with a clear stamp set I have.

Nanne, I just it looks like I did indeed take a group shot! You can see why I wasn't blog hopping there for a while! This took so much more time then I could have thought! And luckily I did get a little help (thanks to Katie for tying on all that twine!)

And now...some party pix! My sister Kerri went all out on decorating and the party was just beautiful, I think even prettier then my wedding! This is a side patio at the house where we set the party up.

I couldn't get to them fast enough with the Mom was on the phone and she had already blown out the candles...can't you see the distress on Amy's face? LOL! She's going to love me posting that photo! Sorry sis!

Oh my! Who's that happy baby? Guess he's happy because this really is a party for him too! Happy First Birthday!!! He is sitting on the newly installed putting green. My parents got to update and this last thing was just put in the day before the party!

Ok, bad, bad photo but I am posting anyways! LOL! Me and my youngest sister Katie. Remember what I said about being a fool when a camera gets near? LOL! Oh well! At least my eye color looks really pretty! Ha, being grateful for something! Gorgeous photo though of my sister!

Amy and my happy little guy!

So there were only a few left at this point...and geez this is when the party got interesting! LOL! No party is complete without some dancing! The room was all lit up with small white lights. It looked so pretty! I was teased about how much I used to love dancing and now I just sit and eat fruit! LOL! No, I used to be quite the booty shaker but that night, hello I was sick and sat down to eat some left over fruit and the whole group though that was sooo funny! Whatever people! LOL! Oh, that and I had already changed into pajama's!

Myself #2, Amy #3, Mom, Katie #4 and Kerri #1

I was really excited about this gorgeous photo! I used this handheld twilight setting on my camera and it was able to capture the beauty of the table setting and all the candles. Sadly most of the party had left before we could really enjoy this (and with a colder night, I don't blame them).

Thank you for looking and I will see you friday with the Stuck on U reveal! I have been scrapping all week and have lots to share!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Yosemite Trip

Yosemite Trip 2010
The Saga....

I will not be participating in this weeks Stuck on U Sketches challenge but I did want to share some stories and photos from our trip with you all....

WARNING! VERY PHOTO HEAVY! I will be impressed if anyone actually finishes this! LOL!!!

Day 1 was just set up and a bit of exploring....

Day 2

So on the first day of our trip we do our first hike. My husband telling me this is not too bad of a trail...later do I find out it is marked as strenuous and after about 6 miles of hiking, I can tell you its true! I just tried to find some video of what it was like but most of the video's showed nothing of the water we had on this trip. Yosemite was at 150% of snowfall this year and ALL the waterfalls were the living proof! There were waterfalls that my husband had never ever seen before! At the end of this post I left a link for a youtube video, its old but it's the closest video I could find to show just a hint of what it was really like...

Here we are before we knew what we were getting into!

This hike was so hard and with the kids I was unable to take many photos..that and it was so wet that my camera would have been ruined! This shows just some of the mist...

Here we are after the wettest part of the hike...if you click on the picture to enlarge it you can see really how wet they are! I think I won the wet t-shirt contest when we got to the top! LOL! This is still not the top of the falls but were we had a second to take a breath and finish the climb...

And finally at the top! It was so bad that the kids cried when we said we had to go back down so instead we had another 3 mile hike down the John Muir trail...3 miles of switch backs. The kids did great! But we had all had it by the end!

This is a photo I got from up on the John Muir trail. You can see where you took the prior photo. The scene was so intense that unchecked profanities spilled out of my mouth...luckily the kids had moved on (good thing to because it was a cliff with no rails or such, too scary to have kids anywhere near!)

Here is the video I found to show you, its pretty short but its cool to see just a little of it. I can say of everything I have done in my life that this was the most challenging and exhilarating.

Day 3

Tioga Pass was only opened a week before our arrival, it boasts the highest automobile road in the Sierras. Because of the snow around almost every bend was a waterfall...wether trickling down a rock, spilling across the road or raging down a mountain side I had never seen anything like it! Some of the meadows had no yet greened because of the amount of snow but the views were nonetheless extraordinary !

I forget the name of this place but it was a great spot to stop and nurse the baby and let the kids get out. Jordyn was super excited to get to have some snowballs...which she held until they were almost totally melted on her lap on the drive! LOL! Here she is refusing to look at the camera, which is more then Scotti would do as he refused to even join in...

Bodie, Ca. If you are interested it would just do you justice to Google it and read more about the city however it is one of the very last gold rush cities to still be in existence. Totally untouched since the 1800's.

It is a mystery exactly what had happened but here is a picture of the school. You can see it is like the city picked up and left without taking a single thing with them! The grocery store shelfs were still stocked with goods!

This is what remands of the local bank...the kids are sitting up on both sides....

Justin took a few really good photos of Cody. I tried really hard to get some good ones in front of a hotel because it was owned by a Cody, but the baby wouldn't sit still for those. We had a great time but round trip with stops it was more then 6 hours, so everyone was super ready to get back to camp by then! It is something that I would like to do again, when the kids are older!

Oh and gosh, I almost forgot to add that I saw a BEAR!!!! Yeah, at the very beginning of the drive in a meadow!!! I was SO excited I thought my heart was going to beat out! I didn't get a very good photo because of course I wasn't going to try and get close for a good picture but at least I did get to see one!

Day 4

We rode our bikes around the Valley floor and headed to Yosemite Falls. We rode around, visited the lodge and had lunch. I think one of the best parts of the trip was packing lunches and having picnics everyday!

Before we started the trail we were stopped by a group of tourists from China! Hello! Paparazzi!!! They were totally in love with my kids!!! If you could have only seen them freaking out taking photo after photo and video to boot, of all 3 kids! I have never wanted to be famous and now I know why! LOL! Please, I'll take the photos but don't follow ME around with one! LOL! They were all super nice though and that was a memory I will not forget! Ha!

I got in big trouble because I always delete bad photos off of my camera and by mistake deleted our family photo...sorry Justin!

The kids in the river that was next to our camping site (not directly next to by close by). We did have a wonderful view of Half Dome from our camper window!

Day 5

We tried driving to the big Sequoia trees but the lot was full and we didn't want to try using the tram. Scotti had a nice breakdown in the car and threw up in my sweatshirt. Dad was in a mood so we just skipped that and instead headed to Glacier Point.

Our family photo in front of Half Dome.

Yosemite Falls and the Valley floor that we were camping at.

Trying my panorama setting on my camera....

Here is a view of the hike from our first day. Can you imagine, we only climbed that first waterfall? Vernal Falls, the larger one is Virginia Falls. That all was part of the hike my husband did when he did Half Dome, 18 miles in one day!

Day 6 (our last day)

Well I thought I would share a photo of our comfortable accommodations! Our wonderful camper! Home away from home!

On our last day we took a bike ride and hike. The hike last just under a couple miles because I was becoming some serious mosquito food and I had had enough of that! Plus the kids were pretty much exhausted at that point, and unbeknown to me were also getting sick! This is Scotti and Jordyn in front of this cool display of stacked rocks on the way to Mirror Lake (that we never got to).

Ok this is not the photo I meant to share but hey, it's so funny! Both my boys sneezing at the same time! LOL! This is one of the very few photos I have of me and all 3 of my kiddos! I can't remember if this was before or after I carried my oldest 2 in the middle of that freezing water into a sandbar...hold sh*t was that cold!

And there ends our trip! I am so glad to get to share this with you guys!!! There are many, many more photos so you will see more when I get to scrapping these....

And hopefully with school over and the vacation passed I can get back into crafting!!!