Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy 60th Mommy!

I wouldn't be surprised if there comes a day when I don't really think everyone needs to know the age I just turned...but hey! not yet! LOL! I wanted to share the invites I did more then a month ago for my Mom's 60th SURPRISE Birthday party that was this past saturday and some pictures from the party.

My entire family was sick so my husband took the older kids home early. I knew I would want more photos but just didn't feel like taking many. Of course I have no photos now of me looking good in my cute outfit! argh! and the one photo I am going to post, I have to be silly instead of just being normal! why, oh why do I do that when I camera is near? I guess camera's bring out my true (really dorky) personality! LOL!

So onto the invitation! I used Kraft cardstock from Papertrey Ink (the nicest, thickest quality cardstock I have ever used!) I stamped using my Polka Dot stamp set, also from Papertrey Ink with Versamark ink over the base of the card. I hand cut and layered (and layered and layered) blue cardstock together to make my waves. My whale image was hand drawn. I then scanned it into my computer and made and colored with watercolor pencils, lots of extra's!!!

It took some time to hand write this sentiment but nothing I came up with was exactly what I wanted so I went ahead and did it myself! I added some fun teeny tiny fish stamps that came with a clear stamp set I have.

Nanne, I just it looks like I did indeed take a group shot! You can see why I wasn't blog hopping there for a while! This took so much more time then I could have thought! And luckily I did get a little help (thanks to Katie for tying on all that twine!)

And now...some party pix! My sister Kerri went all out on decorating and the party was just beautiful, I think even prettier then my wedding! This is a side patio at the house where we set the party up.

I couldn't get to them fast enough with the Mom was on the phone and she had already blown out the candles...can't you see the distress on Amy's face? LOL! She's going to love me posting that photo! Sorry sis!

Oh my! Who's that happy baby? Guess he's happy because this really is a party for him too! Happy First Birthday!!! He is sitting on the newly installed putting green. My parents got to update and this last thing was just put in the day before the party!

Ok, bad, bad photo but I am posting anyways! LOL! Me and my youngest sister Katie. Remember what I said about being a fool when a camera gets near? LOL! Oh well! At least my eye color looks really pretty! Ha, being grateful for something! Gorgeous photo though of my sister!

Amy and my happy little guy!

So there were only a few left at this point...and geez this is when the party got interesting! LOL! No party is complete without some dancing! The room was all lit up with small white lights. It looked so pretty! I was teased about how much I used to love dancing and now I just sit and eat fruit! LOL! No, I used to be quite the booty shaker but that night, hello I was sick and sat down to eat some left over fruit and the whole group though that was sooo funny! Whatever people! LOL! Oh, that and I had already changed into pajama's!

Myself #2, Amy #3, Mom, Katie #4 and Kerri #1

I was really excited about this gorgeous photo! I used this handheld twilight setting on my camera and it was able to capture the beauty of the table setting and all the candles. Sadly most of the party had left before we could really enjoy this (and with a colder night, I don't blame them).

Thank you for looking and I will see you friday with the Stuck on U reveal! I have been scrapping all week and have lots to share!!!


CraftyGirl said...

Leah.... my goodness girl... did you even have time to eat and sleep with all those invites to be made?!! No wonder you are sick!!! The invites are waaaaayyy tooo cute!! I can't believe you did all that layering on all of them!!! The final product is amazing!! It looks like all of you had a good time!! I loved seeing your party pictures... especially the one of you with your mom and sisters!! Too cool!! Can't wait to see what you have for us Friday!!
Barb :)

CelticWoman said...

wow Leah, great invites and looks like they were just the beginning to FUN! Sandi

Sandy from Ukiah said...

You did a beautiful job on those invitations. AND I love that last photo, gorgeous.

Maureen Reiss said...

Great invites!! Looks like you all had a great time.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I was going to send you an email and have lost it :-( I would so love to get together with all you Livermore ladies.. big hugs

Kelly said...

Looks like you everyone had had a great time. Great job on the invitations. Love the colors you used. The whale and the sentiment is perfect.

Margie said...

Hi there! WOW, Leah! I've missed so much on your blog! Wish I had time to comment on everything, but let me just say that you've been one busy chick! Love the invites and the pictures from your Yosemite trip are gorgeous! What a beautiful family you have!!!

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh WOW Leah! the party looks AMAZING and the invitations are adorable! Love the pic of you in your pj's (you pooper! LOL) xxD