Friday, June 18, 2010

Yosemite Trip

Yosemite Trip 2010
The Saga....

I will not be participating in this weeks Stuck on U Sketches challenge but I did want to share some stories and photos from our trip with you all....

WARNING! VERY PHOTO HEAVY! I will be impressed if anyone actually finishes this! LOL!!!

Day 1 was just set up and a bit of exploring....

Day 2

So on the first day of our trip we do our first hike. My husband telling me this is not too bad of a trail...later do I find out it is marked as strenuous and after about 6 miles of hiking, I can tell you its true! I just tried to find some video of what it was like but most of the video's showed nothing of the water we had on this trip. Yosemite was at 150% of snowfall this year and ALL the waterfalls were the living proof! There were waterfalls that my husband had never ever seen before! At the end of this post I left a link for a youtube video, its old but it's the closest video I could find to show just a hint of what it was really like...

Here we are before we knew what we were getting into!

This hike was so hard and with the kids I was unable to take many photos..that and it was so wet that my camera would have been ruined! This shows just some of the mist...

Here we are after the wettest part of the hike...if you click on the picture to enlarge it you can see really how wet they are! I think I won the wet t-shirt contest when we got to the top! LOL! This is still not the top of the falls but were we had a second to take a breath and finish the climb...

And finally at the top! It was so bad that the kids cried when we said we had to go back down so instead we had another 3 mile hike down the John Muir trail...3 miles of switch backs. The kids did great! But we had all had it by the end!

This is a photo I got from up on the John Muir trail. You can see where you took the prior photo. The scene was so intense that unchecked profanities spilled out of my mouth...luckily the kids had moved on (good thing to because it was a cliff with no rails or such, too scary to have kids anywhere near!)

Here is the video I found to show you, its pretty short but its cool to see just a little of it. I can say of everything I have done in my life that this was the most challenging and exhilarating.

Day 3

Tioga Pass was only opened a week before our arrival, it boasts the highest automobile road in the Sierras. Because of the snow around almost every bend was a waterfall...wether trickling down a rock, spilling across the road or raging down a mountain side I had never seen anything like it! Some of the meadows had no yet greened because of the amount of snow but the views were nonetheless extraordinary !

I forget the name of this place but it was a great spot to stop and nurse the baby and let the kids get out. Jordyn was super excited to get to have some snowballs...which she held until they were almost totally melted on her lap on the drive! LOL! Here she is refusing to look at the camera, which is more then Scotti would do as he refused to even join in...

Bodie, Ca. If you are interested it would just do you justice to Google it and read more about the city however it is one of the very last gold rush cities to still be in existence. Totally untouched since the 1800's.

It is a mystery exactly what had happened but here is a picture of the school. You can see it is like the city picked up and left without taking a single thing with them! The grocery store shelfs were still stocked with goods!

This is what remands of the local bank...the kids are sitting up on both sides....

Justin took a few really good photos of Cody. I tried really hard to get some good ones in front of a hotel because it was owned by a Cody, but the baby wouldn't sit still for those. We had a great time but round trip with stops it was more then 6 hours, so everyone was super ready to get back to camp by then! It is something that I would like to do again, when the kids are older!

Oh and gosh, I almost forgot to add that I saw a BEAR!!!! Yeah, at the very beginning of the drive in a meadow!!! I was SO excited I thought my heart was going to beat out! I didn't get a very good photo because of course I wasn't going to try and get close for a good picture but at least I did get to see one!

Day 4

We rode our bikes around the Valley floor and headed to Yosemite Falls. We rode around, visited the lodge and had lunch. I think one of the best parts of the trip was packing lunches and having picnics everyday!

Before we started the trail we were stopped by a group of tourists from China! Hello! Paparazzi!!! They were totally in love with my kids!!! If you could have only seen them freaking out taking photo after photo and video to boot, of all 3 kids! I have never wanted to be famous and now I know why! LOL! Please, I'll take the photos but don't follow ME around with one! LOL! They were all super nice though and that was a memory I will not forget! Ha!

I got in big trouble because I always delete bad photos off of my camera and by mistake deleted our family photo...sorry Justin!

The kids in the river that was next to our camping site (not directly next to by close by). We did have a wonderful view of Half Dome from our camper window!

Day 5

We tried driving to the big Sequoia trees but the lot was full and we didn't want to try using the tram. Scotti had a nice breakdown in the car and threw up in my sweatshirt. Dad was in a mood so we just skipped that and instead headed to Glacier Point.

Our family photo in front of Half Dome.

Yosemite Falls and the Valley floor that we were camping at.

Trying my panorama setting on my camera....

Here is a view of the hike from our first day. Can you imagine, we only climbed that first waterfall? Vernal Falls, the larger one is Virginia Falls. That all was part of the hike my husband did when he did Half Dome, 18 miles in one day!

Day 6 (our last day)

Well I thought I would share a photo of our comfortable accommodations! Our wonderful camper! Home away from home!

On our last day we took a bike ride and hike. The hike last just under a couple miles because I was becoming some serious mosquito food and I had had enough of that! Plus the kids were pretty much exhausted at that point, and unbeknown to me were also getting sick! This is Scotti and Jordyn in front of this cool display of stacked rocks on the way to Mirror Lake (that we never got to).

Ok this is not the photo I meant to share but hey, it's so funny! Both my boys sneezing at the same time! LOL! This is one of the very few photos I have of me and all 3 of my kiddos! I can't remember if this was before or after I carried my oldest 2 in the middle of that freezing water into a sandbar...hold sh*t was that cold!

And there ends our trip! I am so glad to get to share this with you guys!!! There are many, many more photos so you will see more when I get to scrapping these....

And hopefully with school over and the vacation passed I can get back into crafting!!!


TERIBERI said...

HI LEAH!!!!! I just LOVE the pictures....looks like everyone had a wonderful time - the kids are so big!! Have a great summer!! Hugs, T

magicwanda said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pics with us
I feel like I went along with you and also that I can see somewhere I will probably never get to go...Looks like everyone had a blast and you sure did get a work out..ha ha
I hope the kids are all getting over their sickness.. that seems to be how it goes vacation and sick kids go hand in hand.
I am happy for you and glad to see you back...
Big Hugs Wanda

GenCraft said...

Leah, Love your photos! I can't wait to see the rest of them on layouts! I'm glad you all had fun and stayed safe!
Take care! Floren

DonnaMundinger said...

Gorgeous pix, my dear! Looks like lots of fresh air and exercise! Hope it doesn't take too long to recover. Talk to you soon! xxD

Sandy said...

How beautiful!!! What fantastic photos...looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanx for sharing this experience with us...can't wait to see what you do with the photos! Welcome back my dear!

Sandi Clarkson said...

Well, welcome home .. what awonderful trip .. I would have wanted t stay forever! You are so fortunate to own an RV .. must pay those policemen good money out there! What great memories for the kids!

CraftyGirl said...

Wow... you had some serious family fun!! I am super impressed that your young kids did all that hiking!! I have older kids who would have laughed at me for suggesting such a hike!! The pictures area amazing... what a beautiful place to vacation!! Now you better get busy scrapping these!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and always being so sweet!! I love reading your comments because you say everything with such expression!! I feel like you are sitting in the same room with me talking to me!! And also thanks for letting me be part of the SOUS team this week!! I had a blast and am just so excited to have one of my LOs posted over there!! Have a great weekend!!
Barb :)

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great time. Can't wait to see the scrapping from this trip.

Kaye x

ps. Hope Cody had a great Birthday!

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

wow.... thank you for taking the time to share your pictures and adventures with us. Love them all. May God bless you all, protect you and bring you home safe and sound. Luv ya!

Nanne said...

Oh wow GF.. you all look like you had a blast.. Love the scenery you all were able to take in and I cant wait to see the layouts you create with those amazing photos..
p.s. I confess, I didn't read all of the test...LOL

Kelly said...

WOW! Great pics Leah...Thanks for sharing!

Maureen Reiss said...

Wow!! Breathtaking pics Leah!! Hope you're having a great time.

sjh9902 said...

I was just there 3 weeks ago! The falls were beautiful. I surely did not hike 6 miles though. LOL I will miss seeing your take on the sketch this week.

Debbie said...

Leah, really enjoyed looking at all of your pictures. Some beautiful views! Can't wait to see some layouts for them!