Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Holidays ~Generations Crafting~

just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby!

Happy Holidays

I have another sweet little holiday layout to share today. Any photo with your child during their first holiday is so special and this being the first photo during Christmas with my precious babies...priceless! =)

This page is the counter part to the one I posted on monday, using the other cuts leftover from the die cuts before. I really love the border designs that Imaginisce does in their paper lines and the glaze they use on the icons. I trimmed the ends to look like ribbon and used Imaginisce cardstock stickers. I played them up by attaching Rudolf to the sleigh with shimmery shoelace ribbon and by adding, and I forget the product name, but something like a Snow Writer? It appears white when you use it but it dries clear with dimension and full of chunky glitter. Cute stuff but it stays slightly tacky so watch out!

Here is a close up of the glitter I was talking about.

Friday I will have my post to share for Stuck on U Sketches but for now I am getting ready to board a plane for Phoenix, Arizona!!! That's right, my FIRST real vacation in about 3 years!!! With NO Kids!!! Ahhhh!!! How is my little Cody going to do just with Daddy? Fine I am sure but this boy is a big hair holder and Daddy has a shaved head! LOL! The big kids will be fine but Mommy has never been away from them this long! Wow! Guess you could say I am overdue for a little "no kids" time! =0)
I'll be visiting my childhood best friend who just married her partner, Chris in a wedding in Boston a couple weeks ago. Our other best friend went to that and I am going to the reception in Arizona (so both her BFF's are representing! LOL!) And if that's not cool enough I am getting to spend the day with Floren, owner of Generations Crafting! And for whom this great layout is designed for! =0)
Wow, a little chatty there...LOL! I'll be back friday morning with another project...stayed tune!

Oh and Justin, if you read can now be telling the truth when you tell someone your in your 30's since you are now 31! Hahaha! The only person on earth that wants to be older then they are! (not me!) but then again...I am the "older" woman! =0) Love you babe! Have fun with our kiddo's and don't feed them too much junk food and keep that TV off! =0)


Sandi Cl~ said...

Leah, this is adorable. Love the colors and especially like the pom pom trim. Have a great trip!

CraftyGirl said...

Girl... you are cracking me up!! I hope your hubby can cook... when I go out of town it is all fast food for the kids until I return!! Serioiusly, how hard is it to make a grilled cheese sandwich?!!! lol!! So glad you are getting your time away with girlfriends!! Every mommy needs a bit of that and the fact that you haven't done it in 3 years.... you are soooooooooo overdue!!! Have a great time and bring back all your fun photos!!
As for this darling LO.... love the little rudolph with santa!! The ribbon and the glitter are the perfect touches!! And your kids, as always, are just precious!! Great phtoos!! Have a great weekend!!
barb :)

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh so glad you get to get away... but you know you are going to be missing those precious ones. BUT have a fabulous time. How funny, my son was a hair holder too when he was a baby.. hugs my friend and of course I LOVE the lo.

CelticWoman said...

this is great, have a wonderful time. Sandi

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

Leah, this is lovely! Love it all. Nanne received her new mini album!!!! Hallelujah!

Stine said...

love then pics in the LO Leah! Your kids were (and still are) adorable :)

Have a great time on a well deserved trip. Hope you will enjoy your alone time very much!!

Debbie said...

Leah you always have the cutest pictures of your kids! Love the pom pom trim!