Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Mothers Day Cards

You Are My Sunshine

 Hi all! Before it gets to late after the day...I wanted to share my Mother's Day cards I made for this year. Because time was short I made the same card for both the Momma's in my life, my Mommy and my MIL. The card was fitting for both ladies. I thought of this because home means so much to my Mom and my MIL recently moved (closer to us) so the homes were perfect for her as well!

 The cute house scene and sun are both from Imagine cartridge Better Together. Not the same cuts but I thought they were cute together!

 I had no idea what detail to add to the card since it took up the whole card front. But its amazing what the little embroidery floss "clothesline" added...those darling (and pain in the butt) little bows and tiny flowers and shimmering, welcoming windows into the homes!

 Take care friends!
 p.s. When the heck did The Bachelorette start? I thought I'd go to bed early and realized it was on! Geez! My very guilty pleasure...hehe! Oh and speaking of which...I think there's chocolate somewhere in my house! Yes! A good night!



Sandi Cl~ said...

Well, these are adorable! Love your pita bows and shimmering windows@ I heard there's a new card gig in town .. lol .. you should apply hee hee!

Nanne said...

oh snap! I remember these cards.. it was nice chatting with you that day..LOL
They came out amazing as all of your cards always do..