Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sweet Hugs ~SOUS Die Cut Challenge, Fruit~

Sweet Hugs

 I am certainly feeling in a sentimental mood the last couple days. Times have been hard at home. My oldest son is suffering from allergies (like many of us) but in turn has had a hard time with asthma and is on a ton of daily medication. Because of all of this he is having breakdowns pretty much daily. It is draining on me and on him, I am sure. Then to top it off I have had about 4 nights sleep in over 3 weeks. With 3 young kids it seems someone is always up. 
 So with all this going on, I still seem to want to grasp at anything good, positive, inspirational and I still know my life is amazing, even if it's a bit tough right now. 
 Getting to the point...I am very, very grateful to the woman at Stuck on U Sketches. This is not only one of the most talented group of ladies out there, but their kindness and support is awesome! I have been told by our participants that they can tell the type of woman they are, and I love that! Love you guys (or should I say, gals!)

 Ok, have a new Die Cut Challenge for you guys and it's a yummy one...F R U I T!

 Surprise, surprise, I don't know exactly what carts I used. But I do believe the square mat and circles are from Imagine More Cards. The cherry from Country Life (or is it From My Kitchen), see I never know! LOL! All the parts were cut and colored with the Imagine (only the white background is Basic Grey and the red lattice punched borders are a random red from my stash). Letters stickers are BG as well. I added a few little things like faux stitching, inking, twine, pearls and Liquid Pearls (for small accent on hearts).

 Easy little card! I mean, they all take time to put together but it was simple enough and is super cute IRL.

 Here is to wishing you all a wonderful weekend! I've got Zumba in the morning, a fun night planned for the children's ministry volunteers at church, the farmers market and visiting my Mom on Saturday, church Sunday and that's about it! I really do hope I can get time to craft! I haven't since last Saturday! boo!

 Ok, ok...way too chatty! See you guys soon....



Sandi Cl~ said...

Here I am with my paper bag close by in case I start hyperventilating again! But you're an angel! Anyway, love your card .. I had a hard time thinking of a project and then saw all the cute things the team came up with .. love it! Great card ,, perfect for the bee cherry lady! LOL Have a flabby weekend and hope lil Scotti gets to doing better!

magicwanda said...

Oh Leah I am so sorry to hear all this ...Poor baby I hope he gets over all this it's not fun I know. My daughter is so allergic to cats that all she has to do is be in the same area as one and she can't breathe,she to has asthma due to allergies I will pray for you and your family sweet friend.
Now on a good note I love your card ! Hugs

Tammy E. said...

Bless your sweet heart! Being a Mom is a tough job, but the rewards are many as you know. May God continue to grant you strength for the journey. Your card is so sweet. And beautiful too. I love the little hearts in the corners. P.S. I could never remember how I made something as well. I decided to put a pad of paper in my scrapbook room. As I make cuts, I write them down. Then I mark them out as I post them on my blog. Have a wonderfully peaceful weekend!

annette said...

Leah sweetheart take care of you whilst you're caring for your family!!! rest when you can !!! May you be comforted by our heavenly Father as he continues to give you strength to carry on...May lil' Scotti be healed from all his afflictions... I love your card it is super cute.. as Sandi says perfect for a bee cherry lady .. luvnhugz X:)

Maureen Reiss said...

Really adorable card!! Love it!

Nanne said...

this came out great, although I have to say (because of the little perv that I am), but your cherry's look a bit naughty..LOL I love it regardless or maybe I love it because of that reason..LOL