Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weather the Storm

Weather The Storm

 Oh my gosh! How quiet has my blog been! I hadn't even thought about it...really. And I guess that goes to show you how things have been here! Last weekend we ended up in the ER with my oldest son because of breathing difficulties due to a mix of allergies and asthma. He's better and at school but now I have my daughter home with a sick stomach. It's always something when the kids are young! And to mix it up, I've had major behavioral issues with everyone...is it that time of year?

 I made this awhile back for a girlfriend but now that I am looking at it...I could of used this for myself! LOL! I have a wonderful friend whom I met through the crafty world and we've chatted for years now. She and her family are struggling with major health issues and so a card was the least I could do for her.

 The weather vane is from Country Life and was heated embossed with several colors of Distress Embossing powder. The background is stamped and distressed and inked with white and brown inks.

 And a few handout clouds to go w/ the storm theme and then my computer printed sentiment in a couple fonts and then handout into distressed banners. I meant the color to be different but went with it.

 Oh...and look what is attached! YUM! One of the very best cookies I have EVER EVER EVER had! And to be totally honest, I've since made an entire batch and kept it as cookie dough! I omitted the eggs but it left it rather dry, so not sure what to do about that. Not that I worry too much about the raw egg but you never know.

 You can find this recipe and many more pinned on my account on Pinterest but this recipe came from Picky Palate. My most favorite site ever for recipes. Go...you'll see why! But this one...chocolate, toffee, marshmallow...I don't think you could get a better mix then that! The recipe called for marshmallow bits (new in the stores) I didn't have those so went right for the small size. And loved!

 This funny photo shows the hot mess that came from taking some too early...but delicious just the same! This mess with ice cream...oh yeah!

  Have a wonderful day friends...getting closer to the weekend! Lots of cyber love ~Leah

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Melissa said...

Thanks again Leah for such a beautiful card! I have it displayed on my desk at work to remind me of these who love me and are praying us through this time.