Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shark Birthday Party

Shark Birthday Party

 Hope you don't all mind but I'll try to keep this post on the short side. Truth, it's dinner time and I am super hungry! Day 2 of working out at our new gym (where easily half of the parents from school go to, now I know why they all look so dang good!) and I am feeling it. Not sure about you all, but I gained everything I had lost before Summer plus a few...ugh, so I'm starting all over again, again.

 But onto the party!

 My oldest just turned 8 and here's a bit of what I did for his party! Starting with the fact that anything like this was sold out by the end of Summer so about all I found was the funky fish net to use on the wall, and yeah, only one of them. 

 Cute, huh? Too bad about 10 minutes after everyone arrived allllllll the frosting went and slipped off most the cupcakes! Oh well, I was way too tired at that point to care!

 And my blue jello was a hit! Apparently folks don't love jello like we do and had never seen the layered jello before, jello and heavy whipping cream. Yum!

 And the quick shark fin banner that I hat to cut by hand, though it was pretty easy. Just hand drew a template and traced and then cut a few at a time. Letters and sea buddies were cut with my Cricut, letters from Cuttin Up and creatures from Life's a Beach. I embossed with both my ancient circle Cuttlebug folders.

 Just had to show this, since Scotti LOVES Jaws, this guy was simply not scary enough...so he needed some bloody teeth! LOL! And just see how dang happy he is about it!

 Just threw a few things together and for table...

 I can do a lot but I can't do it all...so this is one of the few photos I was able to get...Daddy got him a rubber band gun. 

 And our party invites. I thought this was simple, and I guess it was...but multiple it and it doesn't go together so quickly. Oh well, they were cute and worth it! I will say that half of who got these couldn't come/said they could come and didn't show/or didn't call. Gotta adore throwing a party...

 Ok! Thanks for looking! Party on!


Margie said...

I think it all looks great, Leah! Love that shark! Hope it was a fun party, even with the no-shows :(
I'm in the middle of stalking everyone for a house warming party my son is having. What is it about RSVP that people just don't get? UGH!

Nanne said...

oh! oh! oh! i'm so glad you shared these with everyone, i for one love those invites, they are just too cute.. plus, your birthday banner is awesome!!
Hope scotti had a blast..LOL

Brandi said...

I love it!!! All of it!!! Wish we lived closer and could have been there to celebrate!

Ann-Marie said...

Wow it all looks so fun it must have taken you ages and the invites are fab. I hope the party went well. Great blog btw loads of inspiration. Take care, Ann-Marie xxx

Glenda said...

Hi Leah! This looks like a very fun party! Cute decorations and yummy looking food! Great looking invite! I am sure your son enjoyed the party!
Thanks for your visit and sweet comments on my blog. Love seeing all your great work..just became a follower. Last time I tried to post on the Cricut MB, I could not add a photo...have not tried since all the changes have been made. I enjoyed posting on the board and meeting so many talented people!