Monday, June 17, 2013

Friends Forever

Friends Forever

 Oh my goodness! Stuck on U Sketches has made it to our 2nd Project Life Challenge...yay! 
 And I am super thrilled to share this fun layout that I created!
 I am really so far enjoying these challenges and trying something new. I know that I am not totally following a rigid styling for these but will, of course, keep to the main PL sizes! 

 I created all these cards using my Silhouette DE. Adding shapes and numbers where I needed them. And also creating a couple tags as well as the title of course! 

white basic card stock
all prints Echo Park Walk in the Park
embroidery floss
puffy stickers
Silhouette Store and DE

 Today is the first day of Summer...well, no the kids were out last Thursday. But today is the first day of what most of our Summer is going to be. Staying home..hanging out! I've had very little crafty time so I am looking forward to doing some of that, hopefully today! Which means that I will purposely be holding off on doing any house chores...though I'm almost out of room to keep our dirty laundry contained! Oh well! Sometimes fun comes first!
 Oh...I also got big time bit by the Summer reading bug and am just about to finish my 3rd book already! We hit up the library yesterday to join the Summer reading program for the kiddo's and I got a ton of books as well! Excited!
 I will also be making some time to blog see you soon friends!



Fern said...

Wonderful PL layout, Leah!!! Love your super cute photos!! Enjoy your reading!!! Hugs!!

flowerdisco said...

nothing like holding a good book in your hands.