Friday, August 15, 2014

Some Summer Fun...

 Geez, I can't believe I am saying so but I am taking a bit of a break this month from sketches at Stuck on U Sketches. Wrapping up a very busy Summer and getting ready for school which is coming up in another week and a half. My sweet little boy is starting kindergarten which is simply crazy to me and as if that's not enough, my oldest just turned 10 yesterday! Yes! 10! Am I even old enough to have a 10 year old? LOL!
 Well since I don't have a layout to share today I thought I would still stop in and share some of the stories and photos from all our family fun this Summer. Don't worry, surely some of these pictures will show up again in layouts! Even with the best intentions to blog a little bit more of my daily life, I can't seem to get myself to do it. I wish I could, turns out I am a super fan of Pinterest recipes and have learned a lot over the last couple years in the kitchen. I'd have a lot to share with you…
 My sister is getting married in just 2 months and yep, I decide now that maybe I need to loose this pesky 10 pounds I've put on this year thanks to the after effects of a car accident earlier this year. Ugh. Not feeling hot people, not hot! =( but enough of that sadness…let's get to some photos!

 Lots of days swimming with friends or at the Livermore Tennis Club, VSB at Cornerstone church, swimming at Cull Canyon in Castor Valley, climbing trees and searching for shells in Half Moon Bay. Family camp at Redwood Christian Park in Santa Cruz. Friends…naps when you need them =)

Cody's 5th Birthday

County Fair

Camping with my childhood bestie and her boys

We were on TV for the 4th of July! 

Look who I got to meet at camp! 

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

YES! We overcame our fears!

My little sister's bridal shower!
Amy and my daughter (the flower girl)

I was in charge of the sweets!
Angel Macaroons, Lemon Cookies and Peach Cobbler Cookies

Blooming Mary and Drink Bar

And the Schaeffer girls!

WHAT is that?
Velella washing up all over our coast!
Check out more about this incredible creature here

National Night Out
in our neighborhood with local law enforcement making
a visit to as many as 20 families!
Was wonderful meeting new people...I mean, neighbors! 

 An incredible Summer…maybe the best Summer of my life. Just a great mix of activities and friends but plenty of time to relax as well. I read a ton of books as well…even picked up my first book I couldn't finish cause it started to get too demented and scary, LOL. 
 And a little shout out to one of the best friends I've ever had in my life…Brandi! She's moving this Summer out of the state and I am broken hearted (that's our group of kids all sitting together). My gosh I am going to miss her, scrapping with her, cooking meals and seeing her kids grow. God blessed me more then I can say having put her in my life and I am grateful everyday for her. I pray blessings and smooth sailing on this new adventure for her!
 Thanks for letting me share! Hugs!
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Caroleanne Wright said...

Looks like a great summer! x

Joan Smith said...

What awesome pics and sure can tell you had one awesome Summer. Thanks for sharing and I know there will be tears when your son heads of to kindergarten and eeek the last one home...I remember the flood of tears as each one started school and lots of tears when the last one's such a mix of happy sad....but the good news is you will make it....but it's tough I lived for school breaks and summer time...loved having them home as do you. YOU ROCK!!

Tracey said...

Hey Leah, Wow....its looks like you had a great summer!So many different activities! Loving all the photos..its kinda cool that I have seen some of the places you are talking about. Ps. I loved the comment you left me, you are so funny....thankyou!