Thursday, March 5, 2015

I Wanna Dance With Somebody ~Stuck On U Sketches~

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

   Okay....can we say...out of my comfort zone? Well, not the stash of goodies on the page but the bling! Though, I do have to say, I did a good job at balancing the bling as not to choke or go blind from it! LOL! 

The greatest challenge was pulling paper. Literally no joke, I probably looked at 50 sheets before choosing these. LOL. And even at that...I didn't leave the paper as is. The print and colors weren't exactly right so I white washed the paper with acrylic paint and added a touch of pink and brown.
   This über girly page is for Stuck On U Sketches GREEN Die Cut Challenge. I was so inspired by this stunning photo shoot I had with my niece after doing her makeup for a school dance. The greens from the front yard were the perfect backdrop...and perfect for the green challenge! 

   Speaking of the SOUS challenges...we are changing our Die Cut Challenge rules. ALL projects will be eligible as long as they follow the theme AND have ANY die cutting on them! For example if our challenge is for flowers...and you have a stamped card with stamped flowers but a detailed die cut frame border. Then you are good! 

   This layout is a good example. Obviously there was a lot of green used and tons of die cutting (both electronic and metal dies) but not necessarily all the dies cut from green. 

   Does that make sense? 

   I decided to let the chatting stay at a minimum so you could just enjoy the photos. There's plenty to look at to occupy your time! =)
   Thanks for stopping in. If you have any questions about anything I did or used. Let me know! Otherwise, have a wonderful weekend! And we can't wait to see your GREEN challenge at Stuck on U Sketches! 
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Sharon said...

What a beautiful layout.

Rosie said...

Your niece is STUNNING! Your layout highlights her beauty and your wonderful design, great lo!