Saturday, April 4, 2015

High Flying Fun ~Stuck on U Sketches Die Cut Challenge~

High Flying Fun

    Today I am posting over at Stuck on U Sketches for our Die Cut Challenge, Clear Skies
Remember to share ANY project featuring something you'll see in the sky and make sure you've used and mentioned whatever dies you've used on your project as well, when sharing over at SOUS! Just a reminder because we changed our challenge rules. 
   Now I have got to say, this was one of the rare times that I totally ditched a project I had fully  designed. This did start as a die cutting page, yes, fully ready to go. But I simply wasn't feeling it. When I started the project by pulling paper and found this boardwalk themed paper, I knew
I wanted to start there. I did however cut all the clouds (part of the challenge) and those worked out just great. As did the stickers included in this paper collection. I was surprised to end up liking the page! I like the bold colors of the photos agains't the otherwise muted page, with just a few touches of color.

Before you go...

Happy Easter friends!

I had mentioned before in a post that during these past 40 days celebrating Lent, the 40 days prior to the rising of our Lord, that I have "given up" electronics. Just real quick. People do this,
I'm not sure that's it's really a denominational thing, I think that some Christians do this,
some don't. I personally do because it's a way to allow me to reflect, as simply as I do,
on the sacrifice on the cross. I think this year was the biggest thing I have done. 
Something a heck of a lot harder then years past when I gave up a food or something (usually sweets). This year, these 40 days have changed my heart. I pray to God that I will
continue the good habits I have learned. To, gasp, actually pick up my Bible! LOL!
To spend time in His word and to spend time praying with Him. Intentional, Spirit driven
prayers. I just want to mention this because I know how badly we all need to stop
a moment of our busy lives and just think of Him. 

For goodness sake...this day is the reason we've been spared the penalty for our
sinful ways. This day, allows us, all whom believe to spend all our days
together, here and beyond. It is a day that has changed and shaped every person of existence. 

Please know, I am on this road and have so much farther to travel.
However, if you ever need prayer, want to share a thought or swing a question by me
(not that I know anything but we can chat about it) or you are just feeling lonely
and are in need of some company, then email me. Message me on FB. 

I thank God daily for this hobby because it's brought me friendships that fill
my heart with joy and allowed me to be creativity fulfilled and for that,
I am grateful. To each of you, I love you sisters!

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Jennifer Earley said...

Happy Happy Easter!!! Love your LO but more importantly, thanks for sharing your thoughts and prayers on this glorious day! It's so nice to see someone online sharing God's word :)

Joan Smith said...

Happy Easter Leah to you and Yours!!
I truly enjoyed reading your inner most prayerful thoughts they are very touching, inspiring and definitely by doing these things will bring peaceful harmony to all our lives without a doubt.

I loved your layout and OMG talk about go on this ride...I've never been and will never hubby and kids have really got great pics and did an outstanding creative job scrapping them. Thanks for sharing everyting!