Friday, September 4, 2015

Geek Out ~Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbon~

Geek Out

   Let's get the important stuff out of the way...shall we?'s my birthday! (hehe, I have no shame)
But really, I am blogging today to share a project for Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbon. I was so crazy excited that Lisa put out some beaker files. I have no idea why those are always so much fun but they simply are. I wanted to turn them into something school themed along with a few of the other newer files...

   These beakers with some shimmer and then Glossy Accents looks so crazy cool! I took photo after photo trying to really one good shot to show how neat these look...did I succeed?

   Do you know that I have not developed ANY photos from 2015 yet...that's my excuse for having an empty layout to share. I usually dread doing that and really, rarely ever do. I photos =( it's on my to-do list, no worries! ;)

   Here are just a couple files I used...ok, maybe more then that...

Science Lab 

Science of Love

Floppy Disk

Bookmarks 1

   So glad to have you come by today! Hope you like! 
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