Thursday, October 15, 2015

Craftin Desert Divas Watercolor Comparison

   Hi all! I am  sharing a tutorial post today for Craftin Desert Divas with some examples of watercoloring. I wanted to give you a side by side comparison of different watercolor mediums. There are so many options out there but this will help you with a few ideas!

   Here is a photo side by side of each. Did you know that you can click on the photos to view
them larger on the screen? Try that out, it often helps see the details better. 

   This first example is using watercolor pencils (I used Prisma). Watercolor pencils are an amazing choice if you want control. The amount of water used will determine how fluid the color becomes. How it blends, how washed out the color gets, etc. I will note that creating backgrounds with the pencils though doable is very challenging and therefore not something I would recommend. 

 This card uses Kuretake ansai Tambi watercolor that are a cake or pan watercolor. I would highly suggest these as I would also suggest purchasing the largest set (36 colors). Let's be honest, once we start to color, we want all the color options! The colors are very pigmented, easily mixed and easy to use. You can use any watercolor brushes or simply start with purchasing a watercolor pen (the barrel holds the water). You can google water pen and find lots of options and these are also inexpensive. These are easy to color with and also perfect for creating background. And as a bonus, this larger set has 2 beautiful metallics!

   Lastly I've used Distress Inks. These inks are water based and therefore can be used as watercolor. You can take your ink pad and press the pad onto a slick surface like a piece of plastic packaging, an acrylic block, glass work mat, etc. Add water and paint! It should be noted that the lighter colors are exactly that, light. You will need to layer or use less water on those colors. This really works best when using more vivid colors from the Distress line. The reason I love this option is that I feel like you are getting more from your money because you can do so much with these inks. Now Distress Inks are sold in mini's so its a cheaper way to collect them. There are many, many options for creating backgrounds with these inks but you can also create a soft, traditional watercolor background look as well. 

   I hope this gave you a few ideas and something to think about! Please comment if you have any questions or check us out at the CDD Facebook Gallery and ask questions there as well! 

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Scrapper69 said...

Such pretty Cards Leah! Lovely as always! :)

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Helen Gullett said...

Leah, they are all beautiful. Great to see the differences betweet those 3 mediums.