Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bookmark Clips ~Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbon~

 Bookmark Clips

    Hi folks! I'm here today to share something I made today with teachers in mind. Something for Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbon. I was inspired by the upcoming teacher appreciation week at school and while I was emailing doing room-mom duty, I had this idea! Of course, these are pretty darling for any reader out there and when my daughter saw them, she wanted one. So I know kiddo's would like it as well. These would be easy to lamenate however I cut extra layers so these are rather sturdy. 

   These are super easy to create using any design software from your electronic cutters. Simply put your images together, group and weld. That will create a base shape where you can then layer the other die cuts. Much easier then a bunch of single images. 

   The clip, books and apple were the 3 image sets that were welded together. To make this extra sturdy, 2 other layers cut in thicker card stock were added to the back. Also, if giving this as a gift, it leaves a fun spot to write a little something. These can also be sized into whatever you'd prefer. I did make these guys pretty large at over 10 inches in length. 

   Because of the length, they are better more tucked into the book then using the actual "clip". If you didn't want so much at the top, then you can size it differently or design something that doesn't sit as tall above the clip portion. I'm already thinking of doing more of these with a different design for my bible study girl friends! 

   And here are the files I've used...
Nerdy Apple
Book Worm Couple

Bookmarks 1
  Have a fantastic week y'all! 
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