Sunday, June 19, 2016

Home Sweet Home Card

Home Sweet Home

   Hi everyone! I am so happy to be sharing at my FAVORITE die cut designer shop! I never tire of using PPPR files! With that said, even though I have used some of these images in the past, I still find ways to reuse them and make them feel totally different! 
   One of the things I love most about card making is being able to make something special, for a special occasion. A precious friend of mine is going through a very difficult divorce. She's pretty much been hopping home to home for almost 6 months and finally, thank God, got an apartment! So this one's for her! I'm excited so I had to share the story behind this. 
   Okay, so I used one of my favorite die cutting techniques which is layering multiple cut files. Trying to cut dimensional foam tape behind this title would have been impossible. The easy part, is cutting multiples and then gluing those together. They really do go together very easily. My favorite glue is Tombow Mono Multi glue, the small detail tip makes putting some pieces together super simple. 
   The yellow title pieces is 2 pieces. The blue another piece and then the W and E another 3 layers. Making this title 7 layers all together! But I adore how this stands out! I did use dimensional foam behind the title shadow pieces. 
   Here is the file I've used to create this...
Home Sweet Home  
   Appreciative of you visiting us! Thanks for stopping in! Today marks the first week of summer for my house! Woohoo! 
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Georgiana said...

Great for a welcome home or new house card.

L.B. said...

The colors on this card are so pretty. Such a beautiful card