Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fresh Fruit Basket Shaped Card ~Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons~

Fresh Fruit Basket Shaped Card 
   Hiya! I'm sharing with you today to post this shaped card with files from my FAV designer die cut shop- Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons. Anyone else super excited about the new files recently added into the store? I know I am! I combined a couple new sets together to make my own fruit basket. This summer my family has been all around Northern California and getting to hit up some wonderful farmers markets. From seaside to the Sierra's! So that's the inspiration behind today's shaped card. 

   Ok, can I admit this was the first time that I goofed on making a shaped card? Well I did. I totally made the base backwards. Put it together knowingly backwards and just assumed whoever I gave it to would understand. But last minute before photographing, I knew I had to fix it! LOL! 
   For the sake of time, I inked everything but stuck with brown ink and then I added some details with colored pencils. Hope you like!
   Here are the 2 new files used today...
Silly Fruit 
Strawberry Basket
   Hope you all are getting some adventures in this summer! 
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